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Commercial Lending Officers

SVP, Chief Credit Officer                      

Lending Robert Luettjohann

Robert Luettjohann, NMLS 1149370

Phone (503) 435-3209
Fax (503) 472-0777

VP, Commercial Relationship Manager

Lending Tyler Birman
Tyler Birman

Phone (503) 435-3210
Fax (503) 472-0777

Commercial Relationship Manager

Lending Cindy De Las Heras

Cindy De Las Heras, NMLS 404676

Phone (503) 435-3253
Fax (503) 537-0498

VP, Commercial Relationship Manager 

Tony Journey

Tony Journey, NMLS 650449

Phone (503) 435-3225
Fax (503) 472-0777


Residential Mortgage Officers

McMinnville Lending Center


Lending Lisa McKinney

Lisa McKinney, NMLS 795584

Phone (503) 435-3207
Fax (503) 472-0777

McMinnville Lending Center 

Lending Caroll Riley

Caroll Riley, NMLS 694581

Phone (503) 435-3220
Fax (503) 472-0777

Amity Branch

Lending Don Brown
Don Brown, NMLS 451880

Phone (503) 435-3202
Fax (503) 835-1035

Newberg Branch
 Lending Angel A

Angel A. Aguiar, Jr., NMLS 224030

Phone (503) 435-3251
Fax (503) 537-0498

Baker Creek Branch

Lending Tara Quincy
Tara Quincy, NMLS 1455971

Phone (503) 435-3240
Fax (503) 474-0481

Sheridan Branch

Lending Contacts - A. Belliard
Aimee Belliard, NMLS 631180

Phone (503) 435-3252
Fax (503) 843-4405

Carlton Branch

Lending Sandy Schultz
Sandy Schultz, NMLS 958218

Phone (503) 435-3229
Fax (503) 852-7240


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