First Federal Community Rewards

With First Federal’s Community Rewards, your volunteer time can earn funds for the Yamhill County nonprofit organizations you serve.

About Community Rewards

Community Rewards is closed.

Please see Program Details below and click on the Helpful Downloads for the most recent information.

Community Rewards Results

Program Details

For every hour you volunteer, we'll contribute $2 to the organization. The more time you volunteer, the more rewarding your service.

Participating Yamhill County nonprofit organizations are eligible to earn up to $500 in any given year, with the total donation based on the number of active volunteer hours submitted by First Federal customers during the time the program is open. The First Federal Community Rewards program closes when the 10,000th hour of volunteer time is received. The start date changes each year to allow customers and organizations to participate. Contributions are based on the total number of hours submitted and are disbursed at the close of the program.

Get Involved

Sound like something you’d like to get involved with? Here’s how:

You must be a First Federal customer. If you’re not a customer, visit a local branch to open an account.

If this is your first year participating in the program or with an organization, download a Customer Registration Form, fill it out and submit it to a First Federal branch or via email.

Track your volunteer time on our Time Card. Please use one time card for each organization. Turn in your time card to your nonprofit organization(s) weekly or before the first of the month (showing hours worked after the designated annual start date).

Organizations will turn in the time cards to First Federal using the Community Rewards Time Card Cover Sheet. Submit the completed time cards weekly or no later than the 1st of the month. 

Check our website at the close of the program to see how much your nonprofit earned.

Find out whether the Yamhill County nonprofit where you volunteer has registered for our program with this list of Participating Organizations. If your organization is not on the list, please ask them to complete a Non-Profit Registration Form.

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