Community Internship Program

Strengthening nonprofits by investing in human capital through student internships builds up the capability for our community to thrive. By connecting student leaders with the knowledge of and experience with the philanthropic sector, nonprofits will become strong and better able to tackle the challenges they face today.

Community Internship Proposals due February 1st, 2024.

Community Internship Application

Through a collaboration with Linfield University, First Federal’s Community Internship Program connects the energy and skills of students with the strategic goals of nonprofits in the Yamhill County area. A successful internship results in students gaining priceless experience and insight into nonprofit work, while a nonprofit gains valuable completed projects from students educated at Linfield’s varied academic programs. First Federal aspires to strengthen students and regional nonprofits through this program to build a stronger community.

Aspiring philanthropic leaders have the opportunity to catalyze innovations to strengthen people, programs, organizations, and ultimately communities. First Federal invests in community leadership development by financially supporting five undergraduate interns at Linfield University during summer semester.

Nonprofit organizations selected to receive a First Federal Community Intern must have a defined project meeting a specific goal for their organization and will be a advantageous educational experience for the intern.

Community Intern Program projects must focus in one of three major areas of concentration:

  • Program Development/Evaluation
  • Administrative Systems
  • Resource Development

Community Impact Include