Customer Ballot

Since its founding in 1922, First Federal has been the secure, locally owned financial institution for Yamhill County friends, families and neighbors. This community-based philosophy continues to drive the services and programs First Federal provides today, including listening closely to the desires of our customers through the Customer Ballot Program.

About Customer Ballots

Since 1999, First Federal has donated more than $3.68 million to charities in Yamhill County. As of 2024, our customers have helped us give back over $1.01 million through the Customer Ballot program alone!

In 2024, we donated $50,000 based on our customers votes through this program (we previously donated $40,000).
Our customer ballot is now completely digital to allow for more of our customers to be able to complete the ballot.

We want to emphasize the need to give back to our community and our Customer Ballot Program continues to be a popular way for our customers to help support the increased need throughout Yamhill County. Help us help our local community organizations by voting for two Yamhill County organizations to receive funding. Our customers can also nominate a nonprofit to be added to the list. If that organization receives 15 votes, First Federal will send funds their way and we’ll add them to the list of organizations for next years ballot.

2024 Customer Ballot closed February 28th.

2025 Digital Customer Ballot will open again on February 1st, 2025. 

In 2024, we received 3,867 votes for 85 organizations. Overall, the top service areas receiving donations were: Youth Development, Animal Rescues, and Food Banks/Shelters. Nonprofit’s receiving a minimum of 15 votes, will be sent funds and will be added to next year’s ballot. These results are listed on the document below.

Thank you for helping us invest into our community!

Results 2024

Community Impact Include