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What started out as a simple errand to purchase an anniversary card turned into a new business venture for Les and David Toth in 2009.

The father and son duo had been searching for an investment opportunity when they stopped in to shop at their local Hallmark Shop and discovered it was for sale. Not wanting to lose a community favorite, they purchased the businesses and have transformed it into a McMinnville icon.

Since the acquisition, David has taken over managing the business. While he did learn quite a bit about small business management from Oregon State University, he credits his father with teaching him the important lessons.

Today his store is known around the community as "the thoughtful gift-giving store." He strives to not only stock unique merchandise, but truly special items with the recipient's joy in mind. His staff is well trained to help a customer with this sometimes daunting task, as year-round inventory knowledge is a must.

When David was ready to open the businesses bank accounts, it was an easy decision to choose First Federal. He shares, "It felt like a community bank with lots to offer to businesses. The Baker Creek branch staff know me and my team and how we each like to conduct our transactions. I particularly like that deposits show up immediately and that I get a notification on my phone the moment something processes."

"As a dedicated McMinnville Kiwanis member, I also appreciate how First Federal is an active member of the community,” David shares. “Every year I look forward to getting my Customer Ballot in the mail in January because as a customer I get to help them give away $40,000 to our community."

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A staple during the holiday season, Kathleen's Hallmark Shop is located at 1321 NE Hwy 99W in McMinnville. Their shop houses 150 linear feet of cards, baby and kids products, women's fashion and accessories, specialty candies, and of course, holiday gifts, décor, and ornaments. Customers can also shop with them online at and pick up purchase at the McMinnville storefront.

Visit Kathleen's Hallmark Shop to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list!



Photos courtesy of Kirkpatrick's Graphics.
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