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How can consolidating your mortgage and debt help you reach your goals?

Debt can be hard to handle. That’s especially true if you’re saddled with a lot of it and the interest keeps piling up. One way to help yourself out is to consider debt consolidation. Here are some signs that consolidation is the right move.

Consolidation works if you have multiple loans or lines to combine, and need to increase your monthly cash flow. Combining multiple debts into one can make it simpler to manage with just one loan payment instead of many.

Getting out of debt is hard enough, but when you add high-interest rates to the mix, it makes it more difficult. If your debts have high-interest rates, you should consider debt consolidation. When you consolidate, you may be able to get a lower interest rate offer. Reducing the interest can help you lower your monthly payments, allowing you to save more for the future. 

If you are struggling with debt, you may want to look at consolidation. A good credit score will help you secure a lower interest-rate loan. The higher your score, the better offers you’ll receive. Use that score to your advantage if you consolidate your debts.

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Debt Consolidation Mortgage

  • Lower your overall monthly expenses.
  • Own your home faster with a 20 year repayment term.
  • Using your home as collateral could offset monthly payment and interest rate to help payoff debt faster.
  • Lower your monthly cash flow to reach your savings goals more quickly with the funds you save.

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