Fraud Alerts

Debit Card Skimming

Fraudsters attempt to hijack your personal information and your identity by tampering with ATM machines by setting up a device that is capable of capturing the debit card magnetic strip and keypad information from the ATM. Be observant when using an ATM, if something seems wrong, find another machine to use. For more information, visit


Keep your Documents Secure

Fraudsters look for monthly bank or credit card statements or other mail containing your financial information. Consider enrolling in online banking to reduce the likelihood of paper statements being stolen. Don’t mail bills from your own mailbox with the flag up. Also, shred receipts, banks statements and unused credit card offers before throwing them away.


Downloading Apps

Downloading and using mobile apps is the latest trend. As a result, we will see many new attempts to take control of mobile devices using apps. Only download apps from reliable sources, such as the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, where new apps are scanned for malicious malware before downloading. When in doubt – don't download the app!



Community Matters

Our philosophy continues to guide our decision-making and strengthen our dedication to our customers and our community. When you bank with us, your money is invested here and stays here, working for and giving back to our community.

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